Monday, 5 May 2014

Chichen Itza

I am back in South Africa home sweet home, but here is a video from earlier in our journey of me and my sister in Chichen Itza Mexico. We are are at Mayan ruins , and when you stand in front of a temple and clap very loudly it makes a strange noise which people thought was Quetzacoatl which is a snake and a bird god. on a very special day the equinox happens and the shaddow of the sun on the pyramid looks like Quetzacoatl is slithering down the stairs!

Friday, 25 April 2014

WW2 Museum New Orleans

We are in New Orleans and we went to the World war 2 museum.  I can't believe I was standing right next to a P51 mustang.  It was really special because it had a red tail and this was from the red tail squadron which were African Americans.  People thought that they couldn't fly planes but they escorted the B29 bombers through Germany.  They didn't loose a single one of their fleet.

I also saw the Hellcat and the F4U Corsair which my grandfather flew in the Pacific and he had to land them on a aircraft carrier.  He said it was very intimidating plus he had seasickness.

I think Jimmy and Tim might really like this.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tabasco and digital media

I interviewed Lisa Bell who runs the internet at McIlhenny Company.  I asked her 3 questions, the first was: how has digital media changed the way Tabasco does its work ?  She said now they use Twitter and Facebook but they used to use TV, magazines and billboards.  She said it has really changed the way Tabasco does its marketing.  On Facebook they have 1.2 million likes.

The second question was: Can you tell me about Tabasco internet shopping. In the past, they had to send out mail with catalogs so people buy Tabasco from the catalogs. But now you can buy more, its cheeper and its more organised and you can target people better and you can catch peoples attention.

The third question was are there any plans for the future like cool apps etc.  She said that they have new company systems that helps them do their business better eg manufacturing.  But most exciting was the launch of the new Tabasco website in about two weeks time.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


"Some people believe that there are no big leaps to come, but then people said in the 18th century that man could never travel more than 40 miles per-hour."

I am amazed that evolution of technology is made so quickly and people can think about what everything in the future is going to look like. Ok so now I am going to show some ideas of what people are working on right now.
  1. Under Armour is working on a touch screen tshirt that measures athletic performances.
  2. Bio stamp tattoo to monitor peoples health.
  3. Vuzix glasses sync with apps on smartphone before your eyes.
  4. 3D printers + laser scanners.
  5. Fitbit flex wireless tracking devices that measures your daily movements.
  6. Neurowear can read your subconscious mind
Experts say that in 2050 we will have wearable technology, robots that create objects and digital brains that match ours.

I just thought Xbox Rivals is really cool - it can scan a avatar of you!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Achafalaya swamp

Today we went to the Achafalaya swamp we canoed down the swamp and we saw three or two alligators and we saw a guy from Duck Dynasty who was fishing.  Also I heard there was a mythical creature called a Loup Garou.  This place is very wild and there is absolutely no digital technology here!

The Loup Garou

Computers through the ages

One of the first computers was called the Colossus which was invented in 1943.  It was developed in England  to help with cracking the code of the Germans.

The first computers for every day people were made in 1974. The first laptop was made in 1986. The World Wide Web was started in 1989, the first iPod was made in 2001 and Facebook  started in 2004.

I can't believe a computer then was the size of a room but now we have computers the size of a box of chocolates. Our computers still have more memory.

This is Colossus one of the first computers

Monday, 21 April 2014

hacking is right or wrong?

Some people say hacking is good and others say its bad but I think both ways. I asked my friend Tim who is a web master and he said that white hat hackers are good guys and black hat hackers are the bad guys.  So white hat hackers hack into something to find and fix the problem but black hat hackers hack to destroy computers. I think people do it for power, or being horrible, or showing off there skills. Thats how a 19 year old Canadian boy got arrested recently for Heartbleed which is hacking through security of a website or company.

To keep your information private its really important to have strong passwords.

Tim also sent me a ted talk about hacking, heres the link

This the Heartbleed logo which they made for awareness.